Friday, 15 May 2015

Royal Photographer Arthur Edwards is in the News again

HRH the Prince of Wales meeting author Sophie Neville, 28th July 2001
HRH Prince of Wales meeting author Sophie Neville and her otter. 
Photograph (c) Daily Telegraph - 28th July 2001

Back in 2001, I was introduced to the HRH Prince of Wales when we chatted about otter conservation. A number of photographers buzzed around us including royal photographer Arthur Edwards, then working for The Sun.

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards - Daily Telegraph 28th July 2001

He can be seen holding his camera, standing behind us in the centre of the picture. In this instance he missed taking the shots that ended up on the front page of the Daily Telegraph - along with his own image.

HRH Prince of Wales with Sophie Neville on the front page of the Daily Telegraph

Arthur Edwards was on the lunchtime News today, having his head painted purple by Prince Harry who took the opportunity to do so when invited to make hand-prints on his tour of New Zealand. I am not sure why Arthur Edwards was so deserving of the honour but his face was a picture.

Living with tame otters

'Do you still keep tame otters?'

The answer is, 'My mother does.'

But this photograph we have just found was taken some time ago!
It has been a life-time of living with otters; about 34 years.

If you are in the Cotswolds and would like to make an appointment to visit them, please click here

A few stories about living with the tame otters can be found within the pages of Funnily Enough.

There are more in Bee a Particular Otter by Daphne Neville who has appeared on endless television programmes, speaking about the conservation of British wetlands and rivers.

This series was presented by Toyah Wilcox. I was on location helping to look after the otters when it was being filmed in the Golden Valley but can't remember what it was called. Do you?!

Toyoah Wilcox with Bee the Otter in about 1992