Friday, 26 April 2013

Sophie Neville on Channel 4

'You've reached that stage!' my friends keep telling me.
I think they mean that it's my turn to look after my parents.

'I haven't reached a stage. It's been a constant battle.'
'What battle?'
'A battle against mould. I'm allergic to mould.'
'Black mould. It gets everywhere, especially in fridges.'
'But don't you clean them?'
'Yes, but I'm allergic to the cleaning fluid.'

Don't bother to watch too much...
I can't think why this constituted prime-time viewing.

...but my apron is quite swish. Please note the spotty apron from Seville.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Facts about ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Christian author Sophie Neville

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or M.E. affects 250,000 people in the UK. Typically the most active and talented people are afflicted. More than 33,000 children are affected in England alone, causing them to miss school for long periods, often years. About 20% of the total number of patients have severe ME, lying so ill they are unable to move. It can last for decades. 

Very little progression has been made in last 21 years. I suffered from it in 1991. There is still no test for it, no cure, standard treatment or drugs available. We urgently need to raise awareness about the disease (known in the US and Canada as CFFIDS) to ensure Government funding is made available for research, tests and treatment. The danger of total trust in alternative medicine also needs to be highlighted. 
For more information please see:

Suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not funny at all.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Gloria Gaynor and me - in iBelieve Magazine

The third installment of excerpts of Funnily Enough in iBelieve ~ the Christian Lifestyle magazine

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illustration provided by the publisher