Wednesday 9 August 2023

Meet author Sophie Neville at the Southampton International Boat Show this September


Sophie Neville has been giving talks at Southampton International Boat Show 2023.

A keynote speaker, she spoke on the Foredeck Stage about filming boats with reference to the 'Swallows and Amazons' movies and signed copies of her book on 'The Making of Swallows and Amazons' at Medina Bookshop.

Sophie had a 4-page feature article in Practical Boat Owner magazine on Amazon the dinghy she captured when playing Titty in the original film 'Swallows and Amazons' made fifty years ago.

Details are on the Southampton Boat Show website

Friday 7 July 2023

10 tips on taking photos of a book you've written


Writers need a huge variety to photographs of their books and publications for publicity, illustrating blog posts and social media stories.

Ten hints:

1. Always use a spotlight - a desk lamp will do - or wait for lovely outdoor light.

2. Think about who is going to read your book, where and why. Dream up your ideas accordingly.

3. Chose a minor colour used on the cover for your background, eg gold or dark grey. A pashmina scarf works well as the fabric looks good when well lit.

4. Only use 1, 3 or 5 props with a limited palette of colours. You don't want to distract from the book.

5. Chose attractive props: sunglasses and a straw hat with a few leaves suggest summer reading. Spectacles with comparison books and a steaming cup of coffee work well for winter. Wrapping paper and ribbon suggest the book would make a good present. vintage black and white photos illustrate 20th Century historical fiction. Feature an ebook on Kindle or open a magazine showing your article.

6. Focus on the most important aspect of your book such as the title or author name.

7. Frame as closely as you dare but try to feature the spine.

8. When you take portraits of people, animals or birds compose the image with one eye in the centre of the shot.

9. If you are after a comic shot, crop the subject off at a shoulder joint.

10. Play around with filers or cropping until you get it right. Discard any that aren't perfect.

Enjoy yourself. This should be quicker than using Canva or CGI. Take three aspects of each shot: square for Instagram, landscape for Facebook and Twitter, Portrait for Facebook or Instagram Stories.

Sophie Neville won the Create! prize for photography

Thursday 9 February 2023

Launching the audiobook of 'Funnily Enough'

The audiobook of Sophie Neville's award winning book 'Funnily Enough' is now out on all the usual retail platforms.

You can listen to it on audible here:

It is also available on: 


Audiobooks Now 


Funnily Enough by Sophie Neville available on Kobo


Scribd, Inc.

Barnes & Noble

The ebook or paperback can be found for sale on all the usual online platforms including Amazon here.

Each audiobook store should also have a copy of 'The Making of Swallows and Amazons' by Sophie Neville. You can listen to a sample here on the audiobookstore, Barnes and NobleDownpour 

The paperback is also available online:

Sunday 11 December 2022

Author Sophie Neville has been shortlisted in three writing competitions and wins the Eyelands Book Award for an unpublished historical novel.


Author Sophie Neville

Sophie Neville currently has an unpublished novel 'in the running for the shortlist' of the Chanticleer Hemmingway Award for a wartime story in the USA. It did well in ACFW's First Impressions writing contest, reaching the semifinals in the Historical category.

The sequel has been shortlisted by Flash 500's Novel Opening Competition, by Fiction Factory, and the Virginia Prize for Fiction 2022. 

It has been highly ranked by Launch Pad in the USA, and won the Eyelands Book Awards for an unpublished historical novel on 30th December 2022, which was exciting.

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