Saturday, 28 January 2012

‘Funnily Enough’ on Amazon Kindle

The illustrated e-Book of ‘Funnily Enough’ 
£1.92 from Amazon Kindle worldwide
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Recent readers response ~

“I’ve just finished your book. I do congratulate you on a quite splendid achievement. The whole read is such fun, so joyful, so funny and so touching. I found it very lovable… I was quite enraptured by your lovely piece of work. Well done indeed.” Richard Pilbrow, CEO Theatre Projects, Connecticut USA

"I LOVED it... it's beautifully written." Hermione Spencer, Scotland

“Your writing is so delightfully open and funny and full of fun. It’s a breath of fresh air while also giving courage and perspective to others who struggle with long hard trials.”  Wendy Chandler, South Africa

“Hilarious.” Nick Lombard-Scott, London

“I am completely loving ‘Funnily Enough’ in fact I have nearly finished it and cannot wait for the next book. I will take my copy to the Seychelles. I relate so much to everything you are writing about and it really is amazing – such insights into life. Well done. It is just my kind of book.” Sarah Collins, South Africa

"Hilarious." Sarkis Mahseredjian, London

'It looks amazing! I love the way you incorporate your beautiful artwork into your stories, it makes them so rich!' Skye Wieland, Queensland, Australia

Ten years ago I was given this verse:
“ Write the vision 
 And make it plain on tablets, 
 That he may run who reads it.” 
Habakkuk 2:2
….I thought the word tablet very old fashioned at the time, never guessing that it would be possible to read it on an electronic gadget. Mine is called ‘a tablet’.

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