Monday, 3 June 2013

Mum is to appear in the new film 'Summer in February'

'Summer in February'
Dan Stevens, Daphne Neville and Dominic Cooper
on location during the filming of 'Summer in February'

The movie 'Summer in February' opens with a scene on a Cornish cliff top that features my mother as a bird-watcher. She tells me that she looks just like her mother on screen.

'Summer in February', stars Dominic Cooper as the turn-of-the-century artist AJ Munnings, Emily Browning as Florence Carter-Wood his wife and Dan Stevens as Gilbert Evans.

The film is beautifully photographed by Andrew Dunn, who funnily enough was the lighting cameraman when I worked on the crew of the BBC drama serial 'My Family and Other Animals' made on location in Corfu. He had a house near ours in the Cotswolds and knows all about my mother's kitchen.

'Dominic Cooper is horrid,' she declared.

'Really horrid? Horrid in real life?'

'Oh, no. Horrid as the character. In real life he couldn't be sweeter. He has a lovely smile.'

Dominic Cooper as AJ Munnings with Daphne Neville who plays a bird-watcher in 'Summer in February'

You won't see Mum on the trailer but it is beautiful ~

To read a little about Dan Stevens' next film please click here.

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