Monday, 15 August 2016

A Granny's Guide to the Modern World

'Does your mother mind what you write about her?'

'My mother? Not at all!'

People don't believe me, but she's up for anything. Anything that will make people laugh.

Mum, or Call-me-Daphne, as she is known in 'Funnily Enough', is currently starring in 'A Granny's Guide to the Modern World', presented by Barry Humphreys and screened on Channel 4 late on Wednesday evenings. This is true.

'I've gone viral,' she told me. 'The production company say I've received 9 million hits.' I'm not sure if this means programme re-plays. The clip, in which she appears, has already been viewed more than 153,600 times on Youtube. She an internet sensation no less.

Funnily Enough, her friend Trish Knight-Webb is also in my book. They are older now, but there is no stopping them. The secret is that Mum didn't inhale. She absolutely being in the cafe and felt 'quite horrible' after her hash cake, despite the scene on the swings.

Please note: the Youtube clip has an 'Adult Content' warning:

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