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Funnily Enough - it really is!
Sophie Neville's book 'Funnily Enough' is quite the most delightful new book I have read for many a long year.
From her diary she writes of a time when her relentless life in front-line television production was 'crashed into the buffers' by a then desperately little understood affliction. She charmingly engages the reader about her struggles with the medical condition and as a result, herself, her beliefs, her whole world, and writes as to you, personally, like an old and valued friend. It is beautifully written and every page left me smiling contentedly for hours: refreshingly different and a real tonic in itself.

Sophie draws the reader into her real life where, with the support of her wonderful if slightly unconventional family and friends far and wide, despite the setbacks, she triumphs over the adversities to new sunlit uplands in her life. It is surely also a 'must read' for any past or present sufferers of what is now called 'M.E.' for it brings hope and faith, and the charity from which she gives so much of herself - to everyone.
It is a very enjoyable and HAPPY book, nicely illustrated with her quirky sketches from the time. The excellent title is true except that I want more of Sophie's affectionate writing style and her lovely sense of humour. Highly recommended, 'it ticks all my boxes': don't risk being 'sorry for a might-have-been'!
Peter Bell
'Funnily Enough' the bestseller on Amazon Kindle by Sophie Neville

This is my first review on a book, but I just had to do it.
This book, is a must to read, it is written in diary form, but takes you through Sophie's days, in a day by day format, at a rate of knots, and describes her journey through her illness, the highs and the lows. The book describes her move back home to live with her parents and the many situations that happen. These incidents will have you in stitches, as you imagine what actually might have been, like the time when her father is attacked by one of these motorised garden cultivators, and his manhood is only saved when the machine decided to cut out.......
The characters who pop up in this book are wonderful, from Alastair, to Mrs Hawkins...
I could go on but I think what you should do is get this book, "Funnily Enough" and make sure you have plenty of time, are sitting comfortably, have been to the toilet, got a drink and a snack to hand, as you will not really want to move until you have finished it........
Dave Holbourn

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