Thursday, 10 January 2013

Funnily Enough at Chalford Post Office ~

Martin Neville, Daphne Neville, Sophie Neville, Rufus Knight-Webb, Trisha Knight-Webb

My father, Martin Neville in his Denys fire engine outside Chalford Post Office, which was run by Mr Ruck back in 1966 when this photo was taken.

Author Sophie Neville is standing on the front seat, in front of the fire hose. Daphne Neville is standing in the back with a baby in her arms. Contemporary artist, Rufus Knight-Webb is with his brother and sister, sitting in back third from the left. His father was the local GP.

Martin bought the Denys, which had a Rolls Royce engine, from B.I.P. who had been using it as a works fire engine in Birmingham. He was taking his family and friends off for a picnic at the polo ground in Cirencester Park.

We relish the thought of what Health and Safety Officers would think of the photograph today. The vehicle had useless breaks and the clutch kept going but it took us all to Cirencester Park and back without mishap. I remember the esign of the cigarette advertisements and longing for a Walls ice cream. These were made in Gloucester, not that far away.

You can read more about the characters in Funnily Enough ~

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