Thursday, 14 February 2013

Home cures for the relief of joint pain and symptoms of CFS ~

Everyone asks me why I wear two watches. I wear a Bio-flow magnetic leather wrist strap to help circulation, which I find does help alleviate joint pain.

Some people are allergic to ginger but I'm not. I eat as much as possible. It is wonderful for the relief of joint pain and nausea: Ginger jam, ginger tea, ginger biscuits, rhubarb and ginger. New Forest Ice Cream make the most delicious oriental ginger ice cream.

If you grate ginger and garlic in equal proportions and add it to curries or roast chicken you don't taste either too much and yet the result is delicious. I know it is good to recommend eating large quantities of green and purple vegetables with any meal. We have purple sprouting broccoli ready for lunch.

You can also add ginger to the bath. Cut in it long strips if you do, otherwise it makes an awful mess.

Make sure your pH balance is right. I have to avoid acidic foods such as tomatoes and satsumas or counter-act them by drinking a lot of celery juice.

Trampolining? We found the trampoline in South Africa. I'm not that keen on them but they say that it is very good for the brain - especially children's brains - to jump up and down. Have fun!


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