Friday, 17 May 2013

More about our tame otters who appear in 'Funnily Enough'

Sophie Neville tame otters

We still keep two tame otters at home in the Cotswolds. Bee and Jims who appear in 'Funnily Enough' passed on some time ago but Belinda and Rudi are just as delightful. Belinda is the tamest otter we have ever kept. Here she is, sitting on Mum's shoulder.

Belinda the Otter

Rudi is exceptionally energetic, a real climber.

Belinda is now fourteen, which is a great age for an otter. Their life expectancy in the wild is only about eight years at the maximum.

They are in good condition and eating very well - on a diet consisting of raw trout, day-old chicks and rare beef - but as a result must be the fattest otters you have ever seen.

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