Saturday, 29 June 2013

Mum, Dad and their tame otters

Daphne Neville with Rudi and Martin Neville with Belinda - their tame otters

My parents have kept tame otters since about 1980.
Over the years they have collected quite a few stories about them.

They are very inquisitive,

love eggs

and playing in the hay.

but most of all, they love being loved.

They appeared on CBBC TV in 'Wild' one Saturday morning recently
and will be at the Royal Welsh Show all this week 

These beautiful photographs were taken recently for a feature in the Sunday Telegraph

Please click here for the article published on 21st July 2013 


  1. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. They are great characters - all four of them.

  2. Oh, Sophie--these are stunning photos! The otters are so beautiful, and your parents look great :-)

    1. Belinda, the otter Dad is holding, is 14 now - very, very old for an otter. They normally only reach the age of 8 in the wild. She adores him.

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  4. For anyone who enjoyed reading "Ring of Bright Water" and would like to know more about the author, his books and his pet otters, there is now a Facebook Group "The Gavin Maxwell Society." New Members welcome!