Friday, 8 November 2013

Mum's More Medical Moments in Movies

For someone who is never ever ill, and hates even the idea of hospital, it is rather surprising to digest the fact that Mum loves playing a patient.

Daphne Neville with Roy Dotrice in 2005
Daphne Neville with Roy Dotrice
She doesn't seem to mind what she looks like on the screen. Here she is playing Louise, an A&E patient in 'Casualty', the long-running hospital drama made by BBC TV.

Playing a patient called Louise in 'Casualty'
The call now is for old ladies in need of comfort. This was a short WWII mystery movie called Lost Hearts shot on location near Malvern in Worcestershire in 2011.

Katrina Norbury and Daphne Neville in 'Lost Hearts'
Katrina Norbury and Daphne Neville in 'Lost Hearts'
She absolutely adored being in 'Doctors' for BBC TV - you can tell from this photo.

Daphne Neville and Tony Adams in the BBC TV series 'Doctors'
Daphne Neville and Tony Adams in 'Doctors'
Things were once different. She always enjoyed being a medic, although appearing as Nurse Fisher in the film 'Diagnosis Murder'  with Christopher Lee did not do much for her career in that area.

Daphne Neville as Nurse Fisher in 'Diagnois Murder'
I am sure she did something terrible to the poor man in the wheel chair. He didn't look very well at all.

Daphne Neville playing a mid-wife in 'Casualty' for BBCTV
Playing a mid-wife for BBC TV back in 1994
There even was a time when she played a doctor. That was alarming.She played Dr Machin in the ATV soap opera Crossroads. So many people though she was a real doctor she could hardly go to the supermarket.

Daphne Neville playing Dr Hilary Machin in Crossroads
Playing Dr Hilary Machin in 'Crossroads'

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  1. I love your photo with Christopher lee in Diagnosis Murder The one with the actor in a wheelchair, any chance you could post me a large copy i have no printer i have been a serious fan of him since 1958 thank You Sophie here is my details Mrs G J Gray,56 Seymour Court Road, MARLOW,Bucks SL7 3BE,