Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mum on Television

It can be rather a shock. There we are, innocently watching television and Mum appears - with George Cole. 

Daphne Neville with George Cole in 'Minder'
In 'Minder' with George Cole 
Then my friends ring to ask if it was true. 
'Is she working as a receptionist now?'
'Not, exactly. She was just playing the part of a receptionist on 'London's Burning'.'

Daphne Neville playing a receptionist

'We saw your mother in tears, terribly upset!'
'Oh, dear, have they been repeating 'Prime Suspect'?'
'Yes! That's what is was. Helen Mirren was the detective.'

Daphne Neville playing Felicity Howard

It was a bit confusing when Mum appeared as a Magistrate when she was one in real life. 

Daphne Neville playing a Magistrate
Chariman of the bench in 'Close Relations' for BBC TV

She was rather shocked to see herself with a Mrs Thatcher hair-do but I told her that it would probably lead to another part. Instead she ended up wearing this curly wig. Theatrical wigs tend to be terribly itchy.

Louise Lombard, Daphne Neville and Stella Gonet
Playing the Headmistress in 'House of Elliott' for BBC
with Louise Lombard and Stella Gonet
She loves climbing into a costume but would rather wear a hat.

Daphne Neville with Gregor Fisher
On location with Gregor Fisher filming 'Rab C.Nesbitt'
Roderick Smith with Daphne Neville in 'Dangerfield'
With Roderick Smith in 'Dangerfield'
Daphne Neville in 'To The Manor Born'
Filming 'To The Manor Born' one chilly day
And to give her her due, she gets to meet interesting people in interesting places. She readily admits that appearing on television is her hobby as well being her job. She loves it. We just have to be stoic viewers.

Daphne Neville with David Tennant
Playing Laura's Mum in 'Secret Smile' for Granada
with David Tennant
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