Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mum as a Model

Daphne Neville appearing as a Dinner Lady on the bill boards of Birmingham

Modelling or working as a model, sounds synonymous with glitz and glamour. My mother doesn't care if this is not, exactly, the case.

Daphne Neville in a campaign for coping with Altzheimers

It has ever been thus. No one can constrain her. She flew to the Netherlands to appear in this advertisement:

Daphne Neville in a Dutch advert for Blue Band Margorine

Mum loves being in front of the camera and loves being paid for it.Here she is appearing as a cross person in the magazine Take a Break:

Daphne Neville in Take-a-Break magazine

This was a commercial for Estrella Crisps. She looks dangerous.

Daphne Neville in a commercial for crisps

At one time she kept popping up as a psalmist on a TV advert. Did you ever see it?

Daphne Neville in a TV Commercial

I do like this photo taken on a shoot advertising a new kind of Mars Bar. It's the one that rings true as honest and natural.

Daphne Neville in a TV commercial for Mars Bars

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