Monday, 10 October 2016

Appearing in 'The Crown' and other splendid dramas

Mum, who you'll find in the pages of 'Funnily Enough', somehow manages to appear in an alrming number of movies and costume dramas.

'I am a member of European royalty in 'The Crown'.
'Are you?'
'They don't actually know the name of my character - who was a real person of course - but I sit in a wheelchair, really rather close to The Queen. At her wedding.' The scene was shot on location at Ely Cathedral.

I can only see Mum's hand in the movie trailer of 'Absolutely Fabulous'. It is holding a glass of champagne at the late life lesbo party.

Mum is more visible, and certainly more audible in the official film trailer of 'The Invisible Woman'. She plays a Victoria lady accosting Charles Dickens on the steps of the Albert Hall:

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