Sunday 20 September 2015

Funnily Enough, the film location...

The book 'Funnily Enough' is largely set at my parent's house in the Cotswolds, revolving around the real life antics of my mother in 1991. Twenty-four years later she is still going strong.
Cold Caller titles
Having recently appeared in Broadchurch, playing Charlotte Rampling's ancient mother, Mum has just finished filming Cold Caller, a short film by Philip Cook, shot on location in her own garden, which was very convenient.
DAphne Neville in Cold Caller 2It is a chilling tale shot by Matt Bigwood and produced by George Collings. Mum plays Marjorie, an old lady who receives a call from a certain security expert who does not take his gloves off when he accepts a cup of tea. It is soon clear why the director wanted to use a garden with a deep lake.
Daphne Neville in Cold CallerIt has been fun following the development of this short film in the press and on Facebook.
Cold Caller being shotIt has won a number of awards:

The body is still to be found.
Cold Caller poster

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  1. How exciting for your mother! I saw her in Broadchurch and remembered what you had said about it. Now that she's in another film, which I may not get to see, but more power to her as I know she enjoys it. She's the perfect actress for the parts she's playing!